How much does it cost to become an NDIS provider?

Let’s explore the various costs involved in starting an NDIS business. 

How much does it cost to start an NDIS business

Becoming an NDIS registered provider involves completing an application with the NDIS Quality Safeguards Commission. While this part is free, providers must undergo an NDIS Audit based on the applicable NDIS Practice Standards, which can incur costs. The cost of the audit varies based on the type of services offered (low-risk vs. high-risk). Additionally, there are administrative costs related to preparing documentation for the audit. 

What are the key costs involved in starting an NDIS business?

Auditing costs for NDIS registration

NDIS verification or certification audit costs. You also need to prepare documents for audits.

Lawyer/Accountant Service Fees

If you need help from a lawyer or accountant to prepare documents and register your company with ASIC.

Company Registration

ASIC registration fee (from $474 - $576, depending on the type of company you register.)

Insurance and risk management

Insurance such as public liability, professional indemnity, workers' compensation, and more.

Administration and Overheads

Office supplies, software tools, vehicles, rents, utilities, and general operating costs.

Marketing & Promotion

Costs for professional website design, SEO and lead generation campaigns.

How much does it actually cost to become an NDIS provider?

You can become an NDIS provider starting from $10,000 depending on various factors. However, if you’re looking to build a successful NDIS business, you need to have a good budget for marketing as well. 

Initial company registration and setup cost

NDIS Registration Application

Audit Costs

Marketing Costs

Insurance and risk management

Office Space, Utilities, Vehicle & Others

Note: The actual cost may vary depending on various factors.

How many audit types exist in the NDIS process?

Certification Audit

Focus: Higher-risk and complex services.

Requirements: Providers offering such services must meet core and supplementary module requirements.

Process: Includes document reviews, site visits, and interviews with NDIS workers and participants.

Goal: Ensure providers deliver supports in line with NDIS Practice Standards.

Verification Audit

Focus: Lower-risk and less complex services.

Requirements: Providers in this category undergo a desktop review of evidence.

Process: Primarily a review of documentation without on-site visits.

Goal: Confirm providers offering lower-risk services meet NDIS standards effectively.

How much does it cost for NDIS verification audit?

Providers delivering lower-risk, less complex supports and services like accommodation assistance or assistive products will undergo a Verification audit.

Starting a Disability Support Business

Low-risk and less complex services

  • Accommodation/tenancy assistance
  • Assistive products for personal care and safety
  • Personal mobility equipment
  • Assistance with travel/transport arrangements
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Home modifications
  • Assistive equipment for recreation
  • Vision equipment
  • Community nursing care
  • Innovative community participation
  • Specialised hearing services
  • Household tasks
  • Interpreting and translation
  • Hearing equipment
  • Assistive products in household tasks
  • Communication and information equipment
  • Exercise physiology and personal training
  • Management of funding for supports in participant plans
  • Therapeutic supports
  • Specialised driver training
  • Assistance animals
  • Hearing Services
  • Customised prosthetics

The cost for NDIS certification audits ranges from $900 to $1500. This is an off-site audit. 

How much does it cost for NDIS certification audit?

Providers offering higher-risk, more complex supports such as specialist behavior support or early childhood services will need to undergo a Certification audit.

NDIS Registration Costs

High-risk and more complex services

  • Assistance to access and maintain employment or higher education
  • High intensity daily personal activities
  • Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports
  • Assistance with daily personal activities
  • Specialist positive behaviour support
  • Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement
  • Development of daily care and life skills
  • Early intervention supports for early childhood
  • Participation in community, social and civic activities
  • Specialist disability accommodation only
  • Specialist disability accommodation and one or more other registration classes/groups
  • Specialised support coordination
  • Specialised supported employment
  • Group and centre-based activities

The cost for NDIS verification audits ranges from $3000 to $5000. This is an on-site audit. 

Is NDIS registration mandatory to offer services to NDIS participants?

NDIS registration is not mandatory for providers to offer services to NDIS participants with self-managed or plan-managed funds. However, unregistered providers are also required to meet the NDIS quality and safeguarding standards, even though they are not officially registered with the NDIS Commission.

NDIS Provider

How much marketing budget do I need to grow my NDIS business?

The disability support sector is one of the most highly competitive sectors in Australia. With over 40,000 registered providers and thousands of unregistered NDIS providers, you need to have a good marketing budget to grow your NDIS business. You need to invest in marketing wisely. Only invest in results-driven marketing strategies that generate leads. 

NDIS Participant

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