Yarning Safe And Strong

238-250 Plenty Road, Preston Victoria 3072


  • Provide counselling support to community members experiencing anxiety, distress and mental illness during the pandemic and post pandemic period.
  • Link the person to psychosocial and Social and Emotional Wellbeing supports i.e., local ACCHO’s
  • During COVID19 lockdowns to provide support and crisis linkages to specific COVID19 services. Please see specific section on handling calls relating to COVID19 support needs.


Aims of YSNS

  1. Suicide Prevention
  2. Ensuring safety – physical, mental, emotional, and cultural
  3. Reducing anxiety and depression
  4. Decreasing disconnection
  5. Increasing connection
  6. Increasing coping strategies
  7. Referrals if appropriate


Services Provided

  1. Telephone counselling - Having someone to yarn to who will listen deeply
  2. Empowering people to recognize and utilize their strengths in challenging situations
  3. Crisis responses to those in crisis which may include taking urgent action when required – reporting to police or calling an ambulance and referring to other needed services.
  4. Referrals for further support as appropriate
  5. Follow up calls and planning.



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