I Hate Cooking



We are an in-home cooking company. Once a booking is made and a menu is selected, we send a shopping list. You can organise your groceries or we can shop for you. On the day our cook comes and prepares the selected meals in your kitchen and to your requirements. We package it how you like it and we clean up!! We have 2 main cooking services, A Full Cook, which is 5 family sized dishes, and a Mini Cook which is 3 family sized meals. You can use the meal prep line item or you can pay us like a support worker. We also offer an in home cooking program called Cook Eat Repeat. This is participant driven so you decide what to cook and what method to use. We make a couple of dishes together and then we sit down and prepare what we will make next time, including shopping and utensil lists. Most importantly, all of our cooks are passionate about food and have a heart to serve.



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