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Welcome to Wiser Care Where we are dedicated to enhancing lives and creating a brighter future. We believe in empowering our participants to embrace their independence and achieve their fullest potential. With a focus on self-determination, we are committed to ensure that each individual not only thrives but also shines brightly in all life aspects. Our core disability supports are designed to meet the unique participants needs, with special emphasis on providing supports to those with intellectual disabilities, autism and psycho-social needs. Our services: - Community Access - Daily Personal Activities ( Standard and High intensity) - Domestic Assistance - Travel and Transport - Supported Independent Living - Community Nursing Care. We understand the importance of individual goals and driving forces that push Participants forward. At Wiser Care we strongly believe every person has the potential to achieve whatever they set their mind to. So, join us on this journey of empowerment and let us help unlock your true potential.


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