Sunny Pine Home Care

290 Geelong Rd, West Footscray VIC 3012


What makes us different from other Providers?

Needs Assessment: Our SIL homes might be the right place for you, or it might not. We undertake a thorough intake assessment to ensure a high probability of success. Your success is our success and as such, there is no obligation on your part to sign-up with us if you don’t want to.

Transition Plan: We design a unique SIL transition plan for each participant. Moving and settling into a new environment can be daunting. Our transition approach can include visits to your new home, building relationships with your selected Disability Support Workers, cooking a meal or having a sleepover in your new bed. Transitions can take a couple of weeks up to a few months. Most importantly, the pace is determined by you.

Holistic support with no wait time: We have built strong alliances with like-minded Registered NDIS Providers to provide holistic support and eliminate wait-times. If you’re happy with your current Allied Health Practitioner, we advise that you remain with them. We can work with your chosen practitioner to ensure you receive the best support.

Location, location, location: Our SIL homes are close to essential amenities such as hospitals, health clinics, public transport, and shopping centres. The options for social and community participation are endless and one of the many reasons why our current participants enjoy our SIL home locations.

SIL Advisory Services: We have helped many families through the SIL application process with a high success rate. We are happy to provide free advice based on your circumstances. If there’s a good case for SIL, we can support you in the application process, no obligations!

Cultural Diversity: Our team is fluent in English, with many being bilingual. They are culturally aware and skilled in assisting CALD participants.


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