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Sticky Fingers Kitchen is not your average cooking school. I prefer to think of it as a Transformational Cooking Experience. At Sticky Fingers Kitchen, our training teaches chefs how to develop and improve daily living skills. Our training includes: maintaining proper hygiene, food and meal preparation (cooking, cutting, plating), preparing and planning for various cooking times, using multiple kitchen tools and appliances, trying new and extraordinary culinary experiences and cleaning up. When our students first join the school, we take the time to slowly introduce our new chef to all the facets of the culinary experience. For some, working with food and the different textures and smells can sometimes be uncomfortable, so we take the time to help our new chef build familiarity and confidence at a pace they respond to. Sticky fingers kitchen have 9 cooking classes per week in our cooking school for both kids and adults as well as our "Chef at home" program where a chef comes to your home and teach you in your home environment.


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