OptimumCare Plus

664 North East Rd, HOLDEN HILL SA 5088


Overview of OptimumCare Plus

OptimumCare Plus is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider dedicated to delivering high-quality support services to individuals with disabilities. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to promote independence, inclusion, and well-being for our participants.

Personalized Support Services
We offer a variety of support services, including:
1. Supported Independent Living (SIL): Assistance with daily tasks, personal care, and household management to enable independent living.
2. Medium Term Accommodation (MTA): Short-term accommodation for up to 12 months, providing support and stability during times of need.
3. Respite: Temporary support and care for individuals, providing relief for families and caregivers.
4. In-Home Services: Assistance with daily tasks, personal care, and household management in the comfort of one's own home.
5. Short Term Accommodation (STA): Emergency accommodation for up to 4 weeks, ensuring safety and support during crisis situations.

Personalized Care Plans
At OptimumCare Plus, we understand that each individual has unique needs and goals. Our team works closely with participants, their families, and healthcare professionals to develop personalized care plans. These plans are tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring our support services align with individual needs and aspirations.

Our Approach
We adopt a person-centered approach, focusing on empowerment, inclusion, and choice. Our support staff are trained to provide compassionate and respectful care, promoting dignity and independence for our participants. We prioritize transparent communication, actively listening to concerns and feedback to continuously improve our services.

Our Mission
OptimumCare Plus is committed to delivering exceptional support services that enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities. We strive to create a supportive community, fostering inclusivity, respect, and empowerment for all.


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