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Gold Stars Disability Care

Springfield Lakes QLD 4300


We strive to improve the lives of the individuals in our care. That includes children, adults, their families, and the broader community by empowering them to become independent and live a happier life. We stand by our core values - Strength, Thrive, Achieve, Respect, Shine. Our beliefs drive our values which guide us to believe that our everyday actions have the power to greatly impact someone's life.

Established in 2023, Gold Stars Disability Care Pty Ltd was founded by a student nurse with a strong passion for healthcare and nursing. Her love for caring for others inspired her to become an NDIS provider, with the goal of making a positive impact and aiding those who require assistance. Our mission is to shift societal attitudes towards individuals with disabilities, showcasing their abilities and potential to achieve remarkable feats with the support of the right team.

We are deeply passionate about mental health and recognise its significance as a major issue affecting individuals of all ages. Witnessing the impact of mental health challenges on both young and older individuals, we understand the profound effects it can have on not only the individuals themselves but also on their loved ones and support networks.

We advocate for equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities or mental health concerns, striving to ensure that they receive the same chances as the wider community. Our goal is to be a supportive presence in making this belief a reality.



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